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First Aid Training Courses

Whether you’re learning something new or brushing up on existing skills, Hendeca offers a comprehensive selection of nationally recognised Qualsafe First Aid training courses. Our courses are designed to prepare individuals with the qualifications to provide workplace first aid confidently.

First Aid Training Courses by Hendeca

Our First Aid instructors are experienced professionals who bring practical, real-world knowledge to our training sessions, helping participants understand both theory and hands-on application. This approach allows individuals to confidently apply first aid techniques in real-life situations.

South East England

Available at your premises, online or at one of our training venues in Surrey.

In-person Training in the South East of England

We offer face-to-face First Aid training, delivered by experienced instructors. Participants will learn practical skills and knowledge, which will help them to respond effectively in emergency scenarios.

In-classroom Training in the South East of England

Our First Aid classes, led by experienced teachers, provide practical skills and knowledge. You’ll learn to respond well in emergencies and gain the confidence to provide essential first aid assistance when necessary.

Online Training Nationwide

Our online training is easy to access, offers flexible learning and you’ll learn vital skills to help in emergencies. The training is interactive and straightforward, making you feel confident in providing important first aid help, right from where you are.

Third-Party Quality Accredited

We’re a trusted Qualsafe training provider and employers, regulators and experts depend on our courses. We’re associated with Qualsafe Awards, a respected UK organisation and we have CPD certification, confirming our high-quality training.

How important is learning about First Aid?

First Aid training is vital for people and workplaces because you learn how to save lives and help quickly in emergencies. It’s very important for safety and looking after people’s health so contact us today for more information on the right course for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my legal obligation for First Aid?

Your legal obligation for First Aid depends on your specific situation. In general, employers should provide adequate First Aid provisions based on their workplace’s risks and the number of employees. The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981 offer guidelines, so it’s important to assess your unique needs and comply accordingly.

How much do your training courses cost?

Training costs are variable and influenced by module selection, location, and participant numbers. We’re ready to discuss your specific needs and provide pricing details tailored to your requirements, so please contact us for an accurate quote.

What First Aid training do we need?

Our accredited training ensures that everyone, regardless of their role, understands first aid procedures. Assess your workplace’s unique needs and contact us – we can help you decide the most appropriate training.

Help & Guidance

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