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What Our Clients Say

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Your safety is our business

We pride ourselves on our customer service and are delighted with the excellent feedback we receive from our clients.  


"The instructor maintained a confident but friendly disposition throughout the session. I felt reassured throughout that I was learning the course correctly and that I can approach first aid situations with confidence."

Surrey County Council

"Hendeca Group was efficient, courteous and helpful. They gave clear instructions into the requirements that our team needed for our training. The training was professional, informative and helpful."

BMI UK and Ireland, Crawley, West Sussex

"The trainer was knowledgeable, enthusiastic, good at interacting with attendees. He was inclusive and had a sense of humour. He was professional and very helpful in making the course interesting. All extremely positive.”

Surrey County Council

"It was very helpful that the instructor had personal experience and helpful tips that was shared with us."

Dyer & Butler

"The trainer was very understanding of my physical abilities and adapted the training to fit my needs. I’ve never been so engrossed and enthusiastic as I was in his class. As a shy lady with a stammer he put me right at ease, which made it all the more easier for me to ask questions and interact. He also delivered the training very well adding in anecdotes and keeping our attention all the time."

Surrey County Council

"Great course and I learnt a lot. The instructor was a great instructor and made the course really interesting."

Dyer & Butler

"I couldn’t fault the training, a great refresher. An enjoyable and very engaging class.”

Surrey County Council

"The course made me think about fire safety. I enjoyed being able to use the fire extinguisher because I have only ever done fire safety e-learning before.”

Surrey County Council

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