Fire Safety Services

We arrange first class fire training courses for businesses and organisations, in partnership with Surrey Fire and Rescue Service. Fire presents a risk to individuals and operations at large, and we understand how important it is that businesses comply with fire safety regulations.

We offer a range of fire training courses to benefit all kinds of businesses, from waste management through to NHS customers, schools and more. We can tailor all courses to suit your needs, whether you require group training or a dedicated fire warden.

Our fire training is of the highest standard as we have exclusive access to Surrey Fire and Rescue Service’s exceptionally trained fire fighters. During courses they share their skills in emergency response, first aid and fire prevention. Courses can be run at your workplace, or at the Surrey Fire and Rescue Service Headquarters in Reigate.

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Fire Safety Courses:

Fire Safety Awareness for The Workplace

This course is ideal if you have employees and you wish to reduce the risk of fire occurrences. Your staff will be taught how to prevent fires and they will gain the confidence and skills to deal with small contained fires. Staff will also learn to be more aware of their evacuation plans and how they can contribute to fire evacuation planning, along with minimising risk to persons with disabilities.

Clients who have benefitted from this course include local authority staff, libraries staff, schools, NHS estates, commercial waste sites, private industries such as factories or processing establishments, retail outlets and office staff.

Fire Safety in Care Homes

If you manage a care home, we recommend that you invest in this training course as it is vital that you adhere to fire safety regulations and take precautions against fire risk. We can help any staff employed in the care home setting to become more able to prevent fires from occurring. During the course they will gain the confidence and skills to deal with small contained fires, and knowledge to select an appropriate fire extinguisher in relation to the risk. We will also raise awareness of the businesses fire management risk assessment process.

Through the training your staff will be more aware of their evacuation plans and will understand how they can contribute to fire evacuation planning for residents and staff, while learning how they can help to minimise risk to persons and understand the requirements of residents that are classed as Low, Medium or High risk. They will also have recognition of the roles and areas of responsibility for staff members when a fire alarm is activated and when a fire is discovered.

Fire Warden Training

Our fire warden training courses are beneficial for any business that wants to reduce the risk of fire occurrences by having dedicated fire wardens within their employee structure. Those who undertake the training will learn how fire wardens contribute to the fire risk assessment and mitigation measures of a business, and why fire wardens are a critical link in ensuring the building fire risk assessment is correctly communicated to staff.

They will be able to understand the specific role of a fire warden and how to maximise safety in the workplace and reduce fire related events. They will learn that a fire warden is a key member of staff, who when called upon will assist the safe evacuation of residents, staff and visitors from your business. The course will cover how and why it is vital to report fire safety concerns and increase fire safety awareness among all employees.

“Our team can now deal with emergencies before the fire service arrives on the scene, delivering water from a fire hose onto flames within 90 seconds. In the unlikely event of a fire, this quick response is vital to stop it spreading and can prevent a full-scale emergency..”